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We just lost our Sealpoint Balinese cat, Reggie, to breast cancer - first diagnosed back in March 2011. Some of you may have seen an earlier version of this posted on that other social media site yesterday. Thanks for your sympathy - this never gets easier, but all y'all do help.

Dear Princess Reggie (1999-2013),

We know you loved us, in your own slightly psycho, manipulative way. We loved you too, though perhaps were not always the most obedient of subjects (or willing of dupes). But gooshyfood and pettins were always yours for the asking; we could just never figure out how a tiara would stay on your seal-pointy head.

You fought the cancer so much longer than anyone ever imagined. Actually, you didn't so much fight it as ignore it, as any good royal would ignore something so plebian. Instead you rose haughtily above it to give us extra time to worship you and be taught the Way of the Balinista. Your way.

We'll miss the calculated headbutts, the smug smirk, and the incredible ego that cast its shadow over mere pretenders like Kardashians, Hiltons, and the whole House of Windsor.

We'll miss you, Miss Squeak.

Love always,
Lee, Michael, and Marc

PS We sent a pair of purple socks with you; please share them with your fellow royal in the Legion of Longhairs. These tiaras, however, are all yours. Wear them proudly, Princess Rama-Lama Ding-Dong, and think of us.

Everyday wear

Evening wear


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