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A genuine work of art must mean many things.
The truer its art, the more things it will mean.

-George MacDonald
    This afternoon I stood in the yard in the rain.

    There was earth and stone, cool wind and breath,
    water in drops and blasts and broken sheets.

    And small -- so small - sparks of fire, burning
    like navigational stars in a lost universe.

    And there are still flower petals on the car,
    after the deluge, as the storms move on.

    The divine should not be somewhere out there.
    The divine should be in here.

    Come back to me.
    Or let me go.
    Or find me here, and take me there.
"How should I turn back, with no boat,
here on the edge of the world?"
"This the edge of the world? No, that is
farther on. We may yet come to it."

-Ursula K. LeGuin, _The Farthest Shore_
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Have you heard of "conjugating adjectives" in English?

I'm thrifty; you're frugal; he's cheap.
I'm assertive; you're aggressive; she's pushy.

This postholder is possibly about declining nouns.

One person's rescue is another person's escape.
Someone's dream job may be someone else's nightmare.

Sometimes, you do the right thing -- and it doesn't work.
From a particular reference point, looking up may only mean
straight ahead, but it's still a change in point of view.

Trying to reframe this... but it's not easy.

Don't take it personally. Try giving it away instead.

Just another poor boy off to fight a rich man's war

I dreamed last night. Then I woke up and remembered it.

Ah, sometimes Tir'na Na Nog'th is a pattern you can walk.
But first you have to find your feet. Then you have to move.
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3 is not the same as double.
Adjust your expectations.
Make lemon juice tart.

Friday - contra dancing and Antero Alli.
Saturday - classical musicians and Django Reinhardt.
Sunday - bookcases and hellburgers.
Monday - pizza and intravenous fluids.
Tuesday - sinuses and video archiving.
Wednesday - "That's different. I'm trustworthy."
Thursday - "Listen, I'm not kidding. This is my job!"

Need to step it up a bit?
Ten things a day.
Per room.

You, make me a better person.
You, make me a bigger person.
You, make me a thoughtful person.
You, make me think.

Still need that blue sky, though.
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A rendered transliteration of the Middle English original.
For those of you not conversant with ME, þ ~= some kind of th.

Sumer is icumen in
Lhude sing cuccu!
Groweþ sed and bloweþ med
and springþ þe wode nu.
Sing cuccu!

Awe bleteþ after lomb,
Lhouþ after calue cu,
Bulluc sterteþ, bucke verteþ.
Murie sing cuccu!
Cuccu, cuccu,
Wel singes þu cuccu.
ne swik þu naver nu!
Sing cuccu nu, Sing cuccu!

    Sing me, sing you, sing cuccu too...

    The world goes swift around
    On an axis that shifts instant;
    Sometimes it seems sound
    that only change is constant.

    Dreams are hard to share
    Being so personal a metaphor;
    For our needs that need care
    Are the why that dreams are for.

    Your time is not anyone else's,
    So allot your hours as you may.
    Call it a virtue to be selfish --
    If that new self meets others halfway.

    Longings deferred be not longings denied,
    Long distances need not estrange --
    A walk on your path can be tried,
    But only my own can I change.

    Groweth sed, and bloweth med,
    and springst the world anew.
    Spring and summer are coming, she said:
    In season, let our own selves come true.

Life is all about timing...
the unreachable becomes reachable,
the unavailable become available,
the unattainable... attainable.
Have the patience, wait it out.
It's all about timing.

-Stacey Charter

Back to work.
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Go, PowerCat, go!
    Walking home from work last evening,
    I walked into the wind.

    Walking to work this morning,
    I walked into the wind.

    I feel on the verge of uplift --
    but the wind is always in front,
    and I don't know how to sail.
    Or remember, yet, how to fly.
A man traveling through the darkness
is yet traveling. The disciple is learning
when he does not know that he is learning,
and as a result he may well chafe. In winter,
Rumi reminds him, a tree is collecting nutriment.
People may think that it is idle, because they
do not see anything happening. But in spring
they see the buds. Now, they think, it is working.
There is a time for collecting, and a time for
releasing. This brings the subject back to
the teaching: "Enlightenment must come little
by little—otherwise it would overwhelm."

Idries Shah
    I realize that I am very lucky.
    It is a measure of my own 'success'
    that I have room to look for more.

    Sitting out in the sun to read, it helps.
    And the scent of hyacinths, in the market.
    On the verge of something I feel, I can't see.

    I try to savor today, yet can't help but ask:
    is it tomorrow yet?
Discipline is remembering what you want.
bmindful affirmations
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The lone and level sands stretch far away.
    Lives are changing all around me. Marriages,
    births, big moves, and the occasional death, too.

    My life changes so quietly. I'm too close to see.
    I don't celebrate things in a big way. I can be
    often grateful for the tiniest things in my life,
    but I have no grand memories. The hazard of living
    kaizen, or of practicing wu-wei -- no markers, no
    monuments, no pedestal of Ozymandius. Only a path
    receding back dimly, and moving off forward, into
    a hazy distance.

    Happy with where I am? Yes, it's better than it was,
    I am scared or angry less often, enjoying more.

    Happy with what I am? Yes, the more I see of other people,
    the more gifted and lucky I realize I am.

    Happy with who I am? Yes, but I still want to be more.

    A long time ago, a friend read a long list of
    "I want"
    and mentioned that I was missing the word

    One question I'm having: What should I hope for?
But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slanted
Down the green hill athwart a cedarn cover!
A savage place! as holy and enchanted
As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted
By woman wailing for her demon-lover!

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Shucks, folks, I'm speechless.
    For those of you whom I haven't had
    much chance to talk to very recently,
    and even for many of those I have:

    As of Nov. 28, 2005, I enter a new world.

    I will be an independent contractor
    in my chosen field of user-centered
    analysis, design, and testing. I have
    a chance to operate as a consultant
    with Human Factors International, and
    I am (fearfully) looking forward to it.

    Thanks to those who listened so much
    when I could talk.
    Thanks to those who asked, "What's up,"
    even when I couldn't say.
    Thanks to those who offered good advice
    or provided bad examples.
    I have a whole lot to catch up on.
    Catch me soon.

    I'd rather be good than lucky -- but
    dreaming doesn't always have to hurt.
    The future is still under construction.
    All I can say is, I'll do my best.
How do you get the first olivepicker out of the bottle?

1. Unscrew the lid.
2. Show her some olives.
3. Wait for her to pick her way out.

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[in telling how the wildlife
are coming back to his family's
farm, now returned to nature]
The pumas are back! You know,
one puma tells another.

Sebastiao Salgado
    I see the future.

    It is an orange warning cone,
    yellow caution tape,
    a white sawhorse,
    and a tree with fall leaves falling
    against an indifferent sky.

    Nonetheless, at least I see the future.
To Gandalf, the far-off memories of
a journey long before were now of little help,
but even in the gloom
and despite all the windings of the road
he knew whither he wished to go,
and he did not falter as long as there was
a path that led towards his goal.
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These days I'm happy to say
I'm amazed that I'm still around
And the weight of the world is off my back
When we fell, we got up
And crawled out the cracks
Excuse me if I take some comfort in that
Happy today, happy to play
With the weight of the world off of my back

-Elton John, "Weight of the World"
    Note to self:

    1. Write it down.

    2. Send it to other people in writing.

    3. Ask them to acknowledge they've seen it.

    4. Get it in writing that they've agreed to it.

    5. Be prepared for this to not always work.

    Count your blessings. Count your problems too.
    Make the former outweigh the latter.
    For example: wake up.

    Get regular exercise, eat healthy food, get enough sleep.
    Failing that -- get sick. ;)

    Sooner or later, the future will be here.
    You'll find me there.

    Thank you, Kate Donohue.
Keep walking,
though there's no place to get to.

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    Open eye, see clock, shut eye, sleep in.
    Morning hazy, but afternoon cleared up nicely.
    Pulled on my brightest pair of blue jeans and
    my oldest George Thorogood concert T-shirt,
    and ran some errands to the dual soundtrack of
    Robert Palmer (in the car) and Bonnie Raitt
    (outdoors at the plaza). Checks are deposited.
    New pens for the erasable calendar acquired.
    Picked up my weekly chai and then came back home
    to turn off the heat and open my bedroom windows.
    A small black and white cat sits on the sill.
    Her sparkling fur is red-tinted by direct sun,
    and she twitches as birds and squirrels pass by.
    Tomorrow may rain, but from today, I have sunshine.


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