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He says the best way out is always through.
And I agree to that, or in so far
As that I can see no way out but through --
Leastways for me -- and then they’ll be convinced.

-Robert Frost, "A Servant of Servants"
    I see so many people struggling.
    I hear so many people hurting.
    The strong get torn down;
    the weak get torn up.
    How can I make this world less dark?
    You tell me, and then we'll both know
    how to reach out in a lack of light
    and touch without shocking each other.

    (Unless we both need the electricity.
    Then please, oh please, let the juice run.)

    I've seen the divine. Quite recently in fact.
    But I don't see how to get there from here.
    So far. So far.

    Yet the future keeps right on coming.
I ’spose I’ve got to go the road I’m going:
Other folks have to, and why shouldn’t I?

-Robert Frost
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Everytime that you make me smile
it's the same old way it used to be
And that's enough for me

-Fleetwood Mac
    I do not object to making sausage, eating spaghetti, and
    batting clean up. But doing all three at once? A bit much.

    I am grateful for any help and understanding I receive.

    So far, so far, so far.
Keep walking
Though there's no place to get to.
Don't try to see through the distances.
That's not for human beings.
Move within
but don't move
The way that fear makes you move.

Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks)
    I want to go where nobody knows my name.
    I want to go a long way.
    I want to go.

    Please let me go.
Everytime that sleep don't come
it's the same old pain it used to be
And that's enough for me
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[Part of this was originally posted private on 9/30/2008.
Updated 12/1/2009 as closure for Black November 2009.]

The message for me in what you've said is that
ACTION is always better than inaction, a lesson that
for some reason I have had to relearn again and again.

It goes like this: You must take a step in the direction
that you think is right, because you will otherwise never
know what that step might reveal. Whether that step reveals
the error in your thinking, the missing enabler, the proof
you've sought, the beauty or ugliness you never imagined,
the nature of resistance, or nothing particularly meaningful,
it is worth the effort to pull back the curtain, because
it will expand your knowledge and guide you.

Linda from Deerfield
    Step, step, step.

    If your foot lands in mud, pull it up, shake it off.
    Go on.

    If your other foot lands in shit, pull it up, shake it off.
    Go on.
Take the first step in faith.
You don’t have to see the whole staircase,
just take the first step.

–Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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... circumstances indicate that the path
to your destination twists and turns in a
bewildering way. Your insight, however,
can penetrate and make sense of confusion.

-definition, juxtaposition from
    Go to the bathroom first.
    Then drink deep from your mystical cup.
    Pry your ghost loose from its shell,
    and find a right space for your words.

    Point out the middle path, and
    reconcile the polarities. Bring
    creativity and flexibility to
    the way you go about your way
    in the world. Move slowly and
    deliberately if change is required.

    Don't be too proud to ask for someone's
    help. Sometimes you do get it.

    What kinds of negative messages,
    self-doubt or paranoid fantasies
    descend upon you from time to time?
    Don't let them undermine your ability
    to be who you are and to contribute.
    Examine them and give them each a name,
    and identify them as separate from you
    (imagining them as little demons can help).
    This will increase your dominion over them.

    Turn the page. Write the next line.
    Take my foot off the brake already!

    A path is traversed one step at a time.
    A navigator can help you find the way.
    Is it a lantern, or only an hourglass?

    Simon says: take a baby step, baby.
Why must we dream in metaphors?
Try to hold on to something we couldn't understand.

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I say good night to you by quoting the words of
an old Negro slave preacher, who said, 'We ain't
what we ought to be and we ain't what we want to be
and we ain't what we're going to be. But thank God,
we ain't what we was.'

attributed to Martin Luther King
    If you haven't laughed this week, do it,
    if only to spite everyone and everything else.

    If you haven't seen the stars, don't worry,
    they still see you.

    If you are having trouble now, go and do whatever
    boosts you and energizes you most at this time.
    Even if sometimes, that simply means sleep.

    Thank you, Barbara Dubin.

Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it
depends on what you put into it.

-Tom Lehrer
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We either make ourselves miserable
or we make ourselves strong.
The amount of work is the same.

Don Juan Matus
    Ah, I must have a very full life,
    if adding just a little bit more
    makes it overflow so.

    New wave and heavy metal.
    Tae Kwon Do and lindy hop.
    Social work and reading alone.
    Design and testing.
    Housecats and cheetahs.
    Regency romances, Civil War history,
    all the science fiction I can stomach,
    and all the fantasy I can stand.

    more text and some images behind cut )

    "Well... he tends to promise the moon,
    but then too often he tries to deliver
    a medium-sized asteroid instead."

    If I'd only had a spoon, I could have turned
    that sweet corn cake upside down, for you.
    But there is no spoon, yet.

You are the Sun in drag.
You are God hiding from yourself.

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Just remember that those things that get attention flourish.
-Victoria Moran
    Breathe, eat, drink, think.
    Work, dance, home, sleep.

    No, I don't mind more learning, but
    I'd like more living along with it.

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    I'm not invisible -- but you still have to look.
Our duty is not to see through one another,
but to see one another.

-Leonard Sweet
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Stretch within your limits.
If you can't move your arm,
lift your fingers. Never devalue what is
currently possible for you to do.

-from _Stress Reduction for Busy People_
    Take a deep breath.
    Move when you need to.
    Stand still when you have to.
    Start moving again when you can.
    Act with high intention and
    purposeful awareness. Embody.
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I savor every moment given me.
I plan for the future, but
I live for the now. I open myself
to the gifts the Universe holds for me
and value all my connection to the divine.

What beautiful teeth this animal has.
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I think about what is right and working
in my life. I focus on all the positive.
I acknowledge shadows in seeking light.

I am always connected to the divine.

    Walked around taking pictures yesterday evening.
    Nice to see the changeover from afternoon to dusk
    to evening to night, and all the lights coming on...

    Image behind cut )

If I find that I am constantly cheerful,
full of brightness and hope, or deeply contemplative
in the presence of a particular person, I know I am
in the presence of a gracious spirit, and I am echoing
the gift that is being given to me. It is as if
the lesson of the echo contains the secret
to understanding the space between us all.

Kent Nerburn
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Outside a garden, looking in )
    Please return
    my connection with the divine.

    Let me see each day my life is
    filled with wonders and magic.
    I look up and out, struggling
    to lights found in the darkness.
    Let me hear all your voices now
    calling me inside, calling me home.

    Breathe and beat, beat and breathe.

    Let me move in your grace
    or just lie still, surrendering self
    in trust and complete faith.
    Let me feel far beyond when we touch,
    hands the boundary for the body - but
    skin no more a barrier than air.

    Bend and break. Ground and center.

    Look up. Look out.

    Please return my connection
    with the divine.

April Fools

Apr. 1st, 2004 11:12 am
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I am creating the reality I want.
    Up too late, up too early. Still missing a lot.
    Watching the rain fall steadily onto 7th Street.
    Indecision - trying to deal - finally heading out.
    Try the simplest way over the river. Circle back.
    Watching two loner gulls fly over, bigwinged, upstream.
    Too slow over Memorial Bridge. Look out at the water.
    Watching the raindrops bounce off of the car roofs.
    The Mercedes shifts lanes, then back again, then over.
    Watching the water accelerating backwards in rivulets.
    All this morning lacked was a heavy-ass motorcade.
    Powder puffs of steam rise against slate grey clouds.
    Wrong lane. Wrong lane. The rain is falling down.
    Watching one lone starling hop in a tree overhead.
    Left lane, turn, back. The rain is falling still.
    Breathing - trying to clear - just get on with it.
    The first parking meter had taped on it: out of order.
    I have enough change, and a mostly-working umbrella.
    My coworkers are nice people. I do the best I can.

I own all my thoughts and feelings.
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Stand up for your own needs sometimes.
Stand up for others' needs other times.
Strive for balance between the two.

--adapted from Susan Page's writings on
Spiritual Partnership
    This is a hard one.

    Yes. This is very hard.

    No. This is the hardest.

    I am always striving for balance.
I know clearly who I am
and what I want in relationships.

I am abundant with love and happiness,
and I rejoice in the happiness of others.

I experience love deeply.


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