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Please tell why, do we build castles in the sky,
Oh tell me why, all the castles way up high--

Ian Van Dahl
    Is dreaming just a butterfly, or
    just a sticky grey cocoon we spin and break open?

    If I dream of being in Kansas City, and
    not being able to find the rental car
    that I need to return to the airport
    so that I can get back home --

    (crows and chickadees chattering in the trees
    and one lone goose, laden, honking north)

    if I dream of lying side by side on the grass
    with my favorite collaborator at work, gazing
    up at the stars but knowing now (in hindsight)
    they'll never let us build that ship together --

    (a thousand seagulls clustered cold on a wire T,
    with heavy mists coming in from the south river)

    if I dream of Wodehousian young men in spats,
    dancing in line, twirling gold and silver pocketwatches --

    (the younger cardinal just bounced off a branch
    sending a yellowed maple leaf to the bare ground,
    as the soft eastern rays start to be cut off)

    if I dream of being with my back to the wall --

    (I never got to sit still in the side yard
    all spring or summer long. And this one time
    I'm trying to, well, even here I can't sit for
    an hour without being disturbed by a life
    that I didn't ask for. That isn't mine.)

    I know who the wide-eyed boy at the dance
    with the smile and bright copper hair was.
    And I also have some suspicions of that
    wary would-be mentor with the biker tattoos.

    But why Kansas City?

    Dear Tir-na Nog'th, aka Unconscious,

    Sorry there's so much on (y)our plate(s)
    right now -- hazards of spatial dislocation.
    Could you please tell me the color of the car
    next time? You know I'm looking hard for it.

    Forever yours in Amber,
... the circumstances of your life
reveal who you are, not
what has happened to you.

Circumstances do not make you
unless you think yourself down to them.

Iyanla Vanzant
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It's hard to look up when the rain is falling.
-Mrumma proverbGod turns you from one feeling to another
and teaches by means of opposites, so that you
will have two wings to fly with, not one.

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Just remember that those things that get attention flourish.
-Victoria Moran
    Breathe, eat, drink, think.
    Work, dance, home, sleep.

    No, I don't mind more learning, but
    I'd like more living along with it.

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    I'm not invisible -- but you still have to look.
Our duty is not to see through one another,
but to see one another.

-Leonard Sweet
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Focusing on the present
helps me heal my fear
of the unknown.
    Walking to the Metro this morning, I notice
    the earliest blossoms and flowers are fading away.
    But the birds are out and singing, even in the bitter wind.
    I contain my tenderness within my heaviest coat.

    I look up and out of myself: up into the clear sky,
    and outward to all those who are present in my life,
    be it in body or in spirit. Touch leaves no mark...
    at least not on the outside.

    I look downward and inward: down to the ground,
    to place my feet carefully but firmly; and inside
    to try to understand who I am and why I am here.

    Then I see your smile upon seeing me. And I know.
My friend, the sufi is
the friend of the present moment.
To say tomorrow is not our way.


April Fools

Apr. 1st, 2004 11:12 am
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I am creating the reality I want.
    Up too late, up too early. Still missing a lot.
    Watching the rain fall steadily onto 7th Street.
    Indecision - trying to deal - finally heading out.
    Try the simplest way over the river. Circle back.
    Watching two loner gulls fly over, bigwinged, upstream.
    Too slow over Memorial Bridge. Look out at the water.
    Watching the raindrops bounce off of the car roofs.
    The Mercedes shifts lanes, then back again, then over.
    Watching the water accelerating backwards in rivulets.
    All this morning lacked was a heavy-ass motorcade.
    Powder puffs of steam rise against slate grey clouds.
    Wrong lane. Wrong lane. The rain is falling down.
    Watching one lone starling hop in a tree overhead.
    Left lane, turn, back. The rain is falling still.
    Breathing - trying to clear - just get on with it.
    The first parking meter had taped on it: out of order.
    I have enough change, and a mostly-working umbrella.
    My coworkers are nice people. I do the best I can.

I own all my thoughts and feelings.
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I give thanks and praise for all things.
    Blue sky overhead starting to get that hot hazy look.
    The sight of spring makes me so crazy.
    Birds hidden in trees rustle and chirp as I go by.
    The sounds of spring make me so crazy.
    Flowers and leaves lead to fruit and trees.
    I'm not breathing the air anymore,
    I'm breathing light and sound and smell and taste and touch.

    I have a lot to be grateful for, this spring.
    I am healthy, happy, and radiant.
    I am growing and becoming.
    I have so much.

    May I be able to give you some.

Thank you for reaching out to me.
I am grateful for your presence in my life.
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I experience love very deeply, and grow
richer because of this every day.
    Spring. It's here, but it's not here.
    It's so close to me and yet so far away.
    If I could just reach out and touch it.
    I wish you could see me now.

    Buds breaking painfully open lead to blossoms on branches.
    Today saw a cardinal, heard a bluejay, starlings galore.
    The evidence of my body tells me the daffodils don't lie.
    I wish you could know me now.

    Working, playing, dancing, flying, falling, drowning.
    We all have our dead leaves, and the worms underneath.
    I want to give what I can and yet still be all I am.
    I wish you were here now.

I deserve to be loved by myself and others.
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Fruit juice everywhere...
-Thomas Dolby
    The swallows and the starlings return, but
    are only pinpricks hovering high in a cold blue sky.
    A icy March wind passes through me while flying north,
    chilling face and hands, driving spring into retreat.

    I drop my eyes from the horizon to the ground.
    I drop all expectations from my point of view.
    I narrow my field of vision, I focus on what is,
    reducing the journey to a single step at a time.
    I watch myself putting one foot in front of the other.
Your pain is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding.

-Kahlil Gibran
    I am responsible for my thoughts and feelings.
    I am responsible for my needs.
    I am responsible for myself.
    I take care of myself.
    I have within myself the answers to all my needs.
    I can fill all my needs
    if I am willing to pay the price.
Many of us are on this journey together
and yet we are separated, for whatever reasons.
We feel lost, with no direction or guidance on
what we are to do next. We are fearful of
taking a risk and reaching out... afraid that
we will be abandoned or rejected along the way.
So we choose to keep to ourselves and miss out
on the opportunities our life holds before us.
This is not an easy journey.

HopeAllianz Counseling


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