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1. Go exploring. Explore ideas, places, and opinions.
The inside of the echo chamber is where all the
boring people hang out.

-Jessica Nagy, "How to be More Interesting (in 10 Simple Steps)"
    I hate midwinter.

    Everyone who knows me, knows I hate midwinter.

    Gonna put one foot in front of the other
    until spring.

    Going slowly, maybe.

    But going.
You know, I keep dreaming of other people.
I want to be in my dreams once in a while.

-me, to myself, this morning
    And yet... I'm close to the divine.
    I can feel it. I have seen it. Touched it, even.

    I hear you calling.
    Please let me hear what you are saying.

10. Ignore the scolds. Boring is safe,
and you will be told to behave yourself.
The scolds could have, would have, should have.
But they didn’t.

-Jessica Nagy, again
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Don't know where I am.
Only matters where I've been and
How I'm going on.

-me, on the road this morning
    Have been pondering "communities vs. individuals" a lot.
    Connection vs. disconnection. Can you have both?
    How do you balance the social and the solitary?

    Feel like I'm looking for a practical spirituality
    and not finding it. I believe in immanence... but
    right now I'm not sure it believes in me.

    People are hard. Groups of people are harder.

    Am I crazy? Is it me? Is it you?
The kind of spirituality I value is one
in which you get great joy out of contributing
to life, not just sitting and meditating,
although meditation is certainly valuable.
But from the meditation, from the resulting
consciousness, I would like to see people
in action creating the world that they want
to live in.

-Marshall Rosenberg
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Poor little dreamer
Stand inside the door
You can't find the easy rhymes
Of times you had before--

-Heart, "Cry to Me"

Danced with the right people last night
at contra, even the ones I didn't know.
The ones I did? Thank you -- bless you.
    I dreamed last night I was the last
    passenger on a jet plane with 16 cabins
    which varied wildly in accommodation.

    Fourteen passengers were already on board.
    split evenly between friends and allies
    and so there were only two cabins left
    for me to choose from.

    One was the smallest, just a white closet.

    The other was the largest, with controls,
    monitors, and a VHS deck containing a tape
    labeled "Safety Procedures for This Flight".

    Ah, sometimes Tir'na Na Nog'th is a subconscious.
    And sometimes, just a hard slap in the face.

The glass is empty and the wine
Is bitter on your tongue
People don't seen wild and fine
Like when you were young--

In other news, I forgot how warm snowboard socks are.
But how I hate cold and dark months ending in -ember?
That part, full well I remember.

But I also remembered to take my vitamins this morning.

Dancing encourages hyperventilation, increases the
production of adrenaline, and causes a sharp decrease in
levels of blood glucose. These physiological responses
stimulate the brain to release endorphins...

-Barbara Tedlock, _The Woman in the Shaman's Body_
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Please tell why, do we build castles in the sky,
Oh tell me why, all the castles way up high--

Ian Van Dahl
    Is dreaming just a butterfly, or
    just a sticky grey cocoon we spin and break open?

    If I dream of being in Kansas City, and
    not being able to find the rental car
    that I need to return to the airport
    so that I can get back home --

    (crows and chickadees chattering in the trees
    and one lone goose, laden, honking north)

    if I dream of lying side by side on the grass
    with my favorite collaborator at work, gazing
    up at the stars but knowing now (in hindsight)
    they'll never let us build that ship together --

    (a thousand seagulls clustered cold on a wire T,
    with heavy mists coming in from the south river)

    if I dream of Wodehousian young men in spats,
    dancing in line, twirling gold and silver pocketwatches --

    (the younger cardinal just bounced off a branch
    sending a yellowed maple leaf to the bare ground,
    as the soft eastern rays start to be cut off)

    if I dream of being with my back to the wall --

    (I never got to sit still in the side yard
    all spring or summer long. And this one time
    I'm trying to, well, even here I can't sit for
    an hour without being disturbed by a life
    that I didn't ask for. That isn't mine.)

    I know who the wide-eyed boy at the dance
    with the smile and bright copper hair was.
    And I also have some suspicions of that
    wary would-be mentor with the biker tattoos.

    But why Kansas City?

    Dear Tir-na Nog'th, aka Unconscious,

    Sorry there's so much on (y)our plate(s)
    right now -- hazards of spatial dislocation.
    Could you please tell me the color of the car
    next time? You know I'm looking hard for it.

    Forever yours in Amber,
... the circumstances of your life
reveal who you are, not
what has happened to you.

Circumstances do not make you
unless you think yourself down to them.

Iyanla Vanzant
netpositive: (Default) other words, life ain't fair,
enjoy the bounty provided us,
and try to make things better.

    Dropped by Costco this morning. Normally
    I'm not the one who makes Costco runs, but
    I was already awake, and we were running
    low on cheddar cheese and microwave popcorn...
    The Long Story Short )
Did I change anyone's view of the world today?
I don't know. I just did what I always do: be myself.

And the universe rewards me with ten thousand things.
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A tale of going east to west to north to south,
and around and around and around to come out: here.

    5:02 AM. The arrival phone call from the airport.
    Rise up and out of the house in ten minutes flat,
    a mug of Pepsi One wedged next to the parking brake.
    Off to Dulles. Roadway empty, sky a sullen blue.
    A lighted flag, lifted only slightly by the breeze,
    is vivid against the heavy cloud cover in the west.
    Pick up around 5:40. The airport turnaround brings
    to view a softer blue growing behind breaking clouds.
    Traffic on the road just traveled picking up quickly
    as business people push to make their flying daytrips.
    On autopilot, see the 495-N sign but miss the exit.
    Knowing this route well, cloverleaf to reverse course
    again just before a 6 AM 66-E backup swallows all hope.
    Around Beltway. up Parkway, all against commuter flow.
    Friendly chatter about well-known things and mysteries
    as the suitcase and guitar rattle together in the back.
    Dawn is still hidden behind the passing cloudwall as
    I leave Laurel at 6:40. Later would have been too late;
    295-S thickens several times like a snake eating mice.
    At Pennsylvania East the first rays of sunlight hit.
    Do de loop de loop one last time to change direction,
    from south to west-south-west, and open the car windows
    to chill my bare arms before picking up hot chai tea.

    Home at 7:40. Still dew on the tulips and a lonely iris,
    and the fancy coral azalea blooms slowly in the shade.

Got the time tick-tick-tick-tickin' in my head
Got the time tick-tick-tick-tickin' in my head
Got the time tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-

Joe Jackson


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