New job, new house, new flirt

Feb. 15th, 2019 08:39 pm
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Just after popping down to NC for Christmas to see family, I started doing some prep learning for the new job, then in the new year I started driving to the Arlington location, and then once my clearance FINALLY came through I started commuting into DC (Red Line Metro, not too bad).  I like my immediate teammates, all the teammates I see on a regular basis, and just a few reservations about some of the Arlington folks (heavy  sarcasm wears on me).  Good feedback from boss(es) so far.  Organizational stuff in flux, but when/where isn't that true?  Had lunch today with some ex-co-workers and seems like I made a good choice from that perspective, too.

Bought my sister's SFH in Gburg after she moved to NC.  Lots of light and hardwood floors.  Getting inside re-painted etc. before moving in because if I don't do it now, I probably never will.  Still so much to do.  I've accumulated a lot of stuff in my 19 years in the townhouse.  I've de-cluttered some, but that takes time, too.

Someone I met at a party volunteered to help (with his truck) move some stuff (e.g., boxes of books I won't need for a while) to the new house's basement (not being re-painted, maybe more serious remodeling in a year or two) on two separate weekends!  I'm not head over heels like I was for the summer crush, but he's a good guy.  We also karaoke'd.  I've also gotten to see my sweetheart some lately (my birthday, his local work).  Other possibilities in the air but we're all busy people.

Got to see my twin for our birthday.  She came up since I was in the throes of new job, and the long weekend felt way too short.  I got to guest on a couple of her regular podcasts!  We got to use the fireplace (it feels more like a company thing than a solo thing to light a fire, to me).  I'm hoping to go down to NC for a week maybe in June/July.

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Feb. 13th, 2019 09:54 pm
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It is Singularly Impressive how badly I want ice cream right now. Like, kinda all I can think about, just the idea of that nice thick milk fat and high sugar! I think I've made the saving throw vs Scoop 'n' Scootery, mostly due to $15 and >45min. I have not yet totally made the saving through against "go to the corner store". I will prrrrrobably manage to make that save, but if anyone wants to get ice cream sometime next week while I'm home for February break, like, hmu?

In my defense, I just got out of a definitely solid Highland class. I learned an important data point! The way I go all frustrated and distant when I'm not getting something and it fills me with self-loathing because why am I not automatically perfect all the time is _not_ based on not having sufficient food. I mean, there's probably still correlation, but I actually ate proper dinner before Highland (ramen, two eggs, peas and corm) and still went to The Dark Place as I failed utterly to grasp Bonnie Dundee. By the end of the practice, I could mostly do the first three steps independently, but stringing it all together made it fall back apart. Practice, I suppose.

We started with Sword dance, which is arguably my best (I have a really good half point) and ended with Hornpipe, which is definitely my favourite, so the hard part was sammiched between a bunch of good stuff. As always, I am sweaty and exhausted. Man I want ice cream though. Other sugarfoods are not cutting it.

(This is weird, in that I don't normally have specific food cravings. I can live with it though. I am not actually going to get ice cream tonight, which is Highly Tragic, but I may buy some from the corner store tomorrow on my way to Austin's. He can suffer with my terribly cravings. ;) )


Weather is Happening, life, bells

Feb. 12th, 2019 08:15 pm
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The weather is gross and it's making my brain a little gross. On the plus side, if we have a delayed opening tomorrow, I will probably be able to bike in (since it's supposed to be warm and rainy enough to get rid of all the snow --note that it will still be gross). On the minus side, if we have a delayed opening tomorrow, everything will be verklempt. If we don't have a delayed opening, I will need to get the bus, which is Not Fun.

I did successfully bike to therapy, around 3:30. That was almost all on sidewalks and actually pretty fun --the snow wasn't set or slippery enough to be unpleasant, and kinda just made for a groovy balance challenge. Biking to Austin's from therapy was Serious Gross. Mass Ave was okay, but as soon as I had to get off it, everything was terrrrrible. And then my bike popped her chain. Is rethreading a chain while wearing giant lobster gloves fun? No it is not!

Once I arrived at Austin's, I preceded to have a minor freakout (because my brain is the _worst_) to which he very sensibly replied "can I feed you" and thrust carrot-potato soup and walnut-cranberry salad into my mouth until I was sensible again. He is a good duck, and I am glad I know him.

Other stuff in my life...*shrugs*. It's almost February vacation, and I want that so bad I can almost taste it. You know that whole cliche about how "I need a vacation to recover from my vacation"? This is that vacation. It's the first time since the summer where any sort of longer-than-average time away from work is not completely booked solid by going somewhere else and Doing Things. I am desperately excited!

I just purchased Weird Al tickets! I was reminded that the Strings Attached tour is coming up and I asked Austin if that was something he would be interested in, and also asked sir, and then bought a fourth ticket for Bee or if Bee can't schedule it out, whoever first defeats me in a duel to the death. Or writes the best porn for my porn writing contest. Or something, iunno.

So I guess things about my life are okay! I certainly have things to look forward to. Also, despite my utter inability to understand this human concept called "budgeting", I seem to Make Enough Money at my job which means I can do shit like spontaneously buy four concert tickets, and that is weirdly reassuring. Capitalism is still bullshit, don't get me wrong.

Oh! The other good thing in my life --I rang a spontaneous quarter peal on Sunday! Like, we did normal service ringing at Advent, and then went to Tatte for coffee, and I walked out a little after everyone and Danielle was all "we're gonna try for a QP at Old North, you in?" I got to be the treble!

This marks my first tower quarterpeal as not-cover1! This also officially means I have completed ONE PEAL EQUIVALENT! No, that's definitely how it works, four quarter peals equals one peal, it's just math! I'm very proud that it took me less than one year for that first peal equivalent. Now to see if I can actually manage to ring a proper peal before I hit my two year ringing anniversary...

(For reference, a peal is 7!2 changes which takes a little less than three hours. A quarter peal is usually around 45 minutes, and needs to be at least 1260 changes)
((Also for reference, that is definitely not how it works.))
(((Alsoalso, it is Very Convenient that I am the only Katarina on ringingworld)))

So I guess my life is good, even though I'm hella stressed about work. February Vacation's gonna be reeeeeeeeeal good. I hope y'all are well!


PostScript: No seriously, Write me pr0n! Not sure when the contest will end beyond "in the next week or two".

1: Cover is the person ringing consistently at the end of each change/round of ringing, and not moving their place unlike the other bells. It's good times!

2: 7! = 5040

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Feb. 10th, 2019 12:02 am
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Today has been interesting. I got home from bells and slept for about four and a half hours, drifting in and out of dreams. I woke up once or twice within there, enough to acknowledge consciousness, but not quite ready to get all the way up. I knew I'd have to do my words eventually though, so I put my glasses on and acknowledged that it was after ninePM and nothing had been done today.

I'm oddly at peace with it. Usually I get pretty brainpanicked when I spend the entire day doing nothing, and believe me, I'm not *happy* about it, but I didn't sleep super great last night either, and I didn't take my meds today, and so...ya know? It's alright. I'll stay up a little later than I would normally, but then I'll sleep and go to bells and it will all be lovely.

Bells today was *really* top-notch excellent though. There were seven people total to show up, one of whom is our brand-new only-his-third-week beginner (yayyy!) which meant we were doing all the focus on just...repetition of relatively basic learning stuff.

Bells details, which probably tend towards the technical and may not be of interest. TL;dr: I got to do cool new stuff and practice learning how to teach! )

So that's me. Tomorrow is service ringing and demo team and not sure what in between --grading, I hope. See y'all then!


1: Bell ringing is as bad or worse as social dancing for unnecessary reuse of words. The Bob part is the same in both of these method names, but the Double refers to completely different things. Also, Bob as a word gets used frequently for other stuff as well.

2: An extent is when you ring all the possible changes of the bells --each change is one way you can order the bells. So it's all permutations, on three bells the extent is six changes (123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321), on four there are 24, on five is 120. I've rung extents on six (720 changes) --in hand, and in tower as a tenor covering behind. I've not rung an extent on seven (5040) because I haven't rung any peals yet (but maybe I'll toss my hat in the ring for Easter Sunday if I'm around and it's not NEFFA or California), and I don't actually feel compelled to ring an extent on eight (40,320) because that's like close to a day straight of ringing and I'm so not actually into it.

3: I am two out of these three things, but kindness is the easiest to fake so it's all good. I mean, technically I'm still working on the steadiness in terms of handling ability, but I'm pretty good with the steadiness in terms of "I understand the seriousness of the ringing chamber but it also doesn't freak me out and I can miss the rope without panicking and get myself sorted back out"

4: More for my own purposes than anything else, but Ricky, Danielle, Lauradi, Austin, JohnB...Cally? Elaine certainly. Ed could, but he almost never comes to practice. Oh, Joe! Not sure if I've seen Allison teach or not. Yeah. Good crew, though I'm probably forgetting at least two or three people.

5: This is extra funny to me, because I'm spectacularly good at breaking down and panicking and sobbing and stuff. I just don't do it when there's an explicit Crisis around me, and I especially don't do it in fast-reflexes-required space, preferring to fall to pieces afterwards.

There is a *lot* of Kerowyn in me and always has been.

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Feb. 7th, 2019 10:59 pm
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What's up, cats? It's been several years since the last time I did this (like, long enough ago that I'm afraid to look it up) but it's time for another edition of Key Players in Sorcy's Life.

Yes, this is absolutely part of the vague plan to put together a new set of Working Documents for my journal, so that people trying to learn about me can do so as efficiently as possible.

Anywho. People I talk about sometimes. Under the cut! )

If there are other people I have mentioned on the regular, and you have _no idea_ who I'm talking about, please ping me and let me know! If you feel very hurt and upset that I did not describe you, please let me know that as well and I'll throw together a description. (I actually debated a "frequent commenters" section, but then decided I didn't wanna.)

Yay people! Yay reference posts!!


Come dance with me

Feb. 4th, 2019 10:26 pm
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Are you interested in learning Scottish dancing? Here are some things you might want to know about!

Thing the one: I will be teaching the fundamentals class at the Cambridge Class (in Watertown) for March! No experience whatsoever required, come to the Canadian American Club in Watertown on Monday nights and do some Scottish Country Dancing! Stretching/warm-ups at 7:45, class at 8:00, social dance for all at 9:15! $9 or $5 students, but if that's a hardship let me know and I will see about finding you a sponsor. I would be tres happy to see some of my friends there (and will try to remember and give a better reminder when it is actually March).

Thing the two: I, and many other people, will be teaching our practice lessons for the candidate class. We need practice teaching, you need learning, again any experience level welcome! This is going to be intermittent Saturdays throughout the spring, mostly in Salem MA. The first one is March 9th from 1-5PM, at 211 Bridge Street. All are totally free.

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society is quite serious about its teacher certifications, and part of the requirements are a certain number of hours spent practicing throughout the year. Practicing with live bodies is much better than teaching to a mostly empty room, and it'll be a great chance for beginner dancers to get exposed to a multitude of different teaching styles and for all dancers to have a chance to work on their fundamentals and really break things down.

Happy to explain more as necessary, and hope to see you all dancing!



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