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Exhilaration is that feeling you get just
after a great idea hits you and just before
you realize what's wrong with it.

    Recently I asked for any recommendations of good works
    in two specific genres: U.S. Civil War fiction and
    alternate histories. (That's the short form of it.)

    Lest you think I am not open-minded or omnivorous
    even when I'm immersed in my own ongoing insanity,
    here's what comes home with me when I have .5 hours
    in the local library.

    _Voices of the Civil War: The Peninsula_ - Time-Life Books.
    _Daily Life in Civil War America_ - Volo and Volo.

    Think you see a theme there? Guess again!

    _Murder at Manassas_ - Kilian

    Not only historical USCW fiction, but a mystery!

    _Modesty Blaise: the Night of Morningstar_ - O'Donnell

    Wait, where did that come from [a "people are reading"
    display. Have earlier books in series and love them.]

    _This Business of Urban Music_ - Walker

    Left field? One of my favorite books last year was a
    terrific handbook on concert touring and promotion.

    _Green Inc.: an environment insider reveals how a
    good cause has gone bad_ - Macdonald

    More inside information on an industry I'm curious
    out. I'm more fanatical than many of my friends but
    not as rabid as some. Willing to listen but keeping
    an open mind (and still believing that doing things
    to save the world may help oneself before all else).

    _The Animal Dialogues: uncommon encounters in the
    wild_ - Childs

    Right off the new books shelf. Don't listen to public
    radio so have never heard of this nature essayist, but
    anything that mentions "the North American cheetah"
    on the back of the book has a good chance with me. ;)

    _The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse_ -

    Paperback so I can read while standing up on subway.
    Great title. A serial killer in a toy town? Try it.

    _Adventure Guide to the Virgin Islands_

    Under negotiation. Warmth in Jan. or Feb.? Maybe...

    _Night Child_ - Jes Bartis

    Occult forensics in Vancouver. [Technically, this
    isn't from *this* library, but 2/3rds in has become
    unexpectedly good writing so deserves a mention.]
I have no desire to prove anything by dancing.
I have never used it as an outlet or a means of
expressing myself. I just dance. I just put my feet
in the air and move them around.

-Fred Astaire


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