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Something a little different, maybe, before I post a poem about the moon.

This is a total revamp of a "Tempeh w/Cabbage and Noodles" recipe that I had made once or twice before and remembered fondly. A recent revisit of the recipe was... deeply disappointing, and I was determined to make something with those first two ingredients that worked for me.

small (we had 1.3 lb) spaghetti squash : 132
-- bake 60 minutes at 375 [or 45 min @ 400]

Brown (bigger skillet/pan, start 10-20 minutes into Yellow, before Red + Green):
16 oz tempeh, cut into 1/4-1/2 in cubes : 980
4 tblsp olive oil: 480
1.5 tblsp safflower oil + .75 tblsp toasted sesame oil + 1.5 tblsp sherry cooking wine : 305
2 tblsp wheat-free soy sauce : 20
16 oz=4 c mushrooms, quartered : 60
1/4 c water
-- stir-fry tempeh in 1-2 tblsp olive oil + 2 tblsp soy sauce until golden/crisp
-- add mushrooms and other oils/wine
-- continue stir-fry, adding rest of olive oil every few minutes
-- add water, stir, cover, and let steam over low a few more minutes

Red + Green (smaller skillet/pan, start sometime late in Brown's tempeh stretch):
1 c onion
3 c red cabbage and 2 c green cabbage, slashed into 1" x 2" slices : 175
1.5 tblsp safflower oil + .75 tblsp toasted sesame oil + 1.5 tblsp sherry cooking wine : 305
-- stir-fry onion in oils + wine until golden or brown
-- add cabbage, stir-fry a few more minutes

Red + Green + Brown
-- add Red + Green to Brown; add a little more water, stir, let steam together
-- turn heat off and keep covered for steaming while waiting for Yellow to finish

Total calories : approx 2400
Servings: 6? You'll probably want a bigger squash.

(1) Sorry about the vague times for each step of cooking. I didn't time things well around all the chopping that needed doing, so the cooking in parallel was more of a happy accident than a planned concept. Brown portion took about 20 minutes; Red + Green was probably about 10-15. As long as everything gets cooked somehow, I suspect it's probably gonna be ok.
(2) I tend to use frozen onions, and often caramelize them either accidentally or deliberately.
(3) Don't let this mislead you: I am not in any way a vegetarian. If trying this with meat instead of tempeh, I was thinking either dark meat, or a combo of white meat + nuts, might work.
(4) Original recipe said "season with additional soy sauce and pepper if you want". I didn't want.

Update on 4/17:
(5) On redoing this dish at my place over gas heat in non-non-stick pans :) , found that Brown still needed oil added over time, while Red + Green actually came out rather oily, so next time will split up the flavored oils/wine across both stir-frys rather than just into Red+Green.


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