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From tacnukesoul: duty, tech, fan, caring, movement

Duty: not much about me is Puritan, but that part is.
I did learn to say No to things a while back, which has
saved me (and others) some grief. I also keep a running
tally in my head of my own efforts vs. that of others --
sort of the "I'll be true as long as you, and not a moment
after" method of debt discharge... except that others get
bonus credit. Yes, I struggle a lot with duty to others
taking precedence over any duty I might/should owe myself.
Just because I see my world as a series of transactions
doesn't mean I can make that virtual checkbook balance...

Tech: I hang out with a lot of very "technical" people
so perhaps I have more of a reputation for that than I
really deserve. I like helping out and making things run
smoothly, but don't have the interest in tech for tech's
sake, or the obsessional quality of mastering an area of
scientific knowledge/practice to a bleeding razor's edge.

Fan: when most of the people I've known talk about their
finding [science-fiction] fandom, they seem to mention
things like "how I felt an instant sense of belonging",
or "it made me feel free(r) to be myself". Acceptance,
understanding, sharing, kinship... not my experience of
the collective. I've connected with some individuals,
but if you asked me why I still show up, sometimes it's
just force of habit. Or for the amusement of observation.

Caring: I think I'm capable of it. *pause* And the cats
do get it. Beyond that... you'd have to ask other people.

Movement: I love watching other people move, almost as
much as I love doing it myself (as long as I can do it
half-well). But I came to martial arts late and partner
dancing later, and I've never been highly athletic, so
I don't have the elastic skill I see and envy in others.

If you want to play along, reply to this post
by yelling (or even saying gently) "Words!" and
I will give you five words that remind me of you.
Then post them in your LJ and explain what they
mean to you.
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